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A year from now, would you rather know more about the kind of life you want to live, or have made progress in living that kind of life?


A strong core of the human body champions long-term health.  Just like physical exercise is required to have a strong physical core, exercise is required for a strong relational core.  And just like exercising in groups helps champion success in the gym, groups are key in championing our relationship with God and others.


Core Groups do this.  They help us engage practices and habits that champion continued strengthening of our relational core with God and others so that we live the life of biblically responsible Christ followers.


Start Now and help us stimulate each other to love and good deeds? Contact a group leader or see the LeanIn Board host in the lobby this Sunday.

When: Sunday, 9am

Location: Canadian Hills Church of the Nazarene FH102

Leader: Rebecca Kennedy


Frequency: Weekly

We pray for each other in our group, but we also exhibit care and concern that extends outward.  God’s grace allows us to accept new people without being judgmental, receiving them right where they are (Carolyn C).

When: Sunday's Lunch

Location: Cornwell & 10th

Leaders: Chad & Jen Penner


Frequency: Weekly

We enjoy the studies in the Bible and other books as we learn together, discussing different topics and realizing a different perspective than what we may have seen on our own.  We love being in a group of people who are about our age, or who have children going through the same stages of life as ours.  It helps us realize we are not alone in this journey (Kelli and Jon).

When: Saturday evening, 5:30pm

Location: Mustang Rd & Reno Ave

Leaders: Gene & Lydia Strong


Frequency: Weekly

I like the relaxed, family feel to meeting in homes. I enjoy our prayer time together (Stephanie).

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