Each year we work to make sure area children go back to school with good shoes. Each of the last three years we have been able to give away over 250 pair of shoes to the most needy in the Yukon/Mustang area.  We work with counselors of local elementary schools to determine who needs assistance the most and then we seek to put new shoes on all of their feet.  If you have questions we encourage you to contact your school’s counselor and email office@canadianhills.org.

Our partnership with Youth & Family Services El Reno includes hosting Foster Parent Training Events two or three times per year.  We also have the chance to support their work at events they host.  In the past our kids have created grab bags for case workers to take to kids who are removed from their home.  If you would like to be a foster parent, we highly recommend working with YFS.

CarePortal allows us to come to the side of bio families struggling to stay together, as well as foster families who take on kids who have been removed from their bio home.  You may have the chance to provide a car seat, or clothes, or a many other needs that many take for granted, and by doing so help keep kids with their parents, or provide needed support in times of transition.  Check out our Dashboard to see our impact and get involved.

Mongolia Studio Trip Share.025.jpeg
Mongolia Recording Studio

In 2018 we began a partnership with Worship artist and writer Nasaa in Mongolia.  We raised funds enough to go and help build a recording studio there that is used for not just Nasaa, but other Christians in the area to record native sounding worship music to help spread the Gospel to 10,000,000 Mongol people around the world.


Jesus came not to be served but to serve and he sends us to do the same. Follow the links below to get in touch with organizations and individuals that are leading the way for us to make a difference beyond our daily context. Some are ministries of CHCN, others are partner ministries that multiply our efforts.