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Should I bring a Bible?


We hope you will.  But if you don’t have one, Scripture is placed on the screen and you can also follow along with the YouVersion Bible App in Events.  Just search our name and you're in.  You can use this app or the printed bulletin to take notes you might think are worth revisiting in the week ahead.


How should I dress?


The best answer is likely…however you feel you will most naturally be able to worship and learn.  Pastor Chad usually wears jeans and a collared shirt…though occasionally he surprises us and wears slacks.  Our kids can be found wearing anything from shorts to dresses.

Sunday Gatherings
  • 9A - K-12 & Sr Adult Bible Studies
  • 10.15A - Worship Gathering
Wednesday Gatherings
  • 6.30A - All Ages



What does a Sunday morning feel like if I have kids?


With kids younger than 6th grade we encourage you to take advantage of our great Kids facility and team led by Pastor Dana.  We have a Check-In system designed to help keep kids safe.  We encourage you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of the Gathering you are planning to participate in so we can help you get checked in, give you a chance to see where your kids will be and who will be leading them.  All of our volunteers have passed national level background checks and agree to work within the guidelines of our Child Protection Policy. 

School age kids begin in the service with parents and are dismissed with Pastor Dana and helpers before the spoken message begins.


If your kids are 6th grade or older they will join us in the main sanctuary.

What does a typical Worship Gathering look like?


Music: Pastor James works to embrace both current releases and songs throughout history in a way that allows us to borrow from the experiences and expressions of many in ways that will draw young, old, and in between together to experience God's presence and power in our lives.


Preaching: Pastor Chad’s “style” is both one that asks questions for us to reflect on taking a little bit of a dialogue feel, and that tries to hold up a very strong perspective of Scripture in a way that asks us to bring our best understanding of the original meaning and intention of the writers into applications for today.  Check out previous weeks on our YouTube or Facebook pages.

LiveOut SundaysWe believe worship is even more than about what we do in a when a month has 5 Sundays, we gather for breakfast, then close up the building and go into our community to serve needs we're aware of in our community.

Will I be expected to give money in the offering plate?


As a guest, No.  However, by returning our tithe (first portion of our increase) and offerings (money/gifts that cause us joy to be able to give) we empower ourselves as a group to extend the reach of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  And in our giving and extending we take on the image and likeness of Christ.  One thing we’ve learned: we can’t out-give God.


We would love it however, if you would fill out and place the detachable portion of the bulletin in the offering plate.  This would help Pastor Chad connect with you next week.  If you’re not ready to do so the first time you come that’s ok…but we sure hope you will by the second time.

Are there ways for me to get involved?  I really want to be part of something bigger than myself.


Definitely.  Our Serve Page lists ways to be part of what we are doing in the community.  There are also ways to get involved with our kids and teens.  We’ve found that a great way to start getting involved is to begin by serving as a Greeter…it can even be done as a family.  By doing this you quickly get to know who else is part of CHCN and they get to know you.  We know it’s not for everyone…but even some really shy and introverted people do a really good job at this.

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